The Blind Wolf's Tavern. A place that barely survived two wars and a score of owners. Some even say that it is cursed – if you believe in that kind of thing. And now it's once more time for the old tavern to change hands. Faramès of Rak al Hina, son of the sunschorched plains, has fought together with his faithful staff to keep the tavern afloat, but poor times and mistrust against southerners in Lenori has made it pretty much impossible.

Thus, he has been forced to look for new investors – or perhaps new owners altogether. He received a surprising amount of interested responses however, and from very unexpected parties, some even hailing from neighboring countries. And now the time has come for the finest business dinner the tavern has seen in many years! Like the Hinean he is, the host wants to wow the guests and truly show off the tavern at its best – especially as this evening might be the last one with him as its owner.

It's bound to be a special night now that the tavern is invaded by fine folk of very different origins and social statuses – all of whom have very different plans for the tavern's future. Some have noble purposes whereas other are prepared to play dirty to get their way, and money will not be the only deciding factor. Whatever happens, the owners don't have an easy night ahead of them, but the fact remains – by the end of the night, someone else will be put in charge of the old tavern.

With any luck, the curse might be more kind to them. If you believe in that kind of thing.


The Blind Wolf is not so much a tavern larp as a larp about a tavern. The core of the larp is made up of the business game between the different groups that want to take over the tavern for their own purposes – negotiation, speculation, lies and deals – all centered around a fancy business dinner. By the end, one group (or perhaps an alliance) will stand victorious, and thus take ownership of the tavern.

But since not all larpers are gamists or find negotiation play appealing, it will also be possible to play ordinary visitors at the tavern – normal people that aren't part of the business dealings, but still may have something to contribute (extra information, personal goals tangentially related to the dealings, etc). These visitor characters can play in a more relaxed manner and go for mood- and social play however they wish.

The goal is to make these two game experiences flow together side by side, to produce a richer experience.

OBS : The so-called business characters have a slightly higher participation fee, since they get to partake in a nicer dinner as part of the negotiations. Other players will also get something to eat and drink, though not of the same caliber.

OBS 2 : It would be ideal if (at least) a ratio around 60-65% / 40-35% business characters / visitors is kept. If there are too few business characters, the larp cannot be realized in its current form.


Till en början kan det nämnas att denna hemsida kommer att få små uppdateringar nu som då - men huvudparten av den relevanta informationen finns online redan. Små förändringar av informationsstrukturen kan även ske.

The goal is to have all the relevant information collected on this site – those that are familiar with the core project and the game setting are well aware of the amount of background information available in the setting, but this has been cut down drastically for this larp. The information on the site is limited to general information that is good to know for all players. Detail information around cultures or specific groups will either be supplied separately, or given upon request. This is to try and make it easier to discern what is truly relevant reading.

It is therefore recommended that participants read all the information published here, with a few small exceptions:
- The design information down below is less relevant for visitor players.
- The section Extra material is, as you might imagine, information that isn't required knowledge.
- The Zine section deals with a small side project attached to the larp for those interested.


During this game, English is used to mark the less commonly used languages in the area where the game is set. This means, if you want to primarily play in English, then Seran or Javenian characters are the most plausible ones – though special cases such as characters from Norn (in which case, English would denote a rougher dialect), the Riverfolk, or the Rakkhari Commonwealth are also possible.


As mentioned earlier, the core of the design in this larp is made up a negotiation game between the different groups that are interested in taking over the tavern. To give this a bit more substance, there will be a resource system in use, where each group has varying degrees of access to finances, work force, contacts and special resources (along the lines of rare enchanted things, weapons, etc) – all of which are relevant in reaching their goal. On top of this, the ethical aspects of it all will play a huge part, as the tavern owners are reluctant to sell to people they deem shady or outright criminal.

This is why it has been planned in such a way that no one will be able to acquire the tavern simply by outbidding everyone else, instead a certain amount of negotiation between the groups is required. There will also be a certain procedure to it all, since the whole affair is done according to Hinean custom – a stark difference from how the northerners usually do their dealings.

The larp will be executed without breaks or intermissions, but is divided into three phases:

• The introductions
The visitors and business people arrive, and introductions are made. The negotiations are begun as the first offers and intentions are laid out, and the different interested parties can feel each other out.

• The dinner
Dinner is served for the business people, negotiations and social play happens around the table.

• Closing negotiations
Final escalation of negotiations and dealings, whereupon the final offers are made to the owners. After this, a decision is made about which group or coalition will be the new owner(s) of the tavern. The larp continues for a short while after the culmination.

During all these phases it is completely free to communicate and negotiate between th groups, not all of which can see eye-to-eye. Political and ethical differences are only the beginning, but a creative mind can surely form alliances that make it more likely that they stand as the final victor. The question is: Who can you really trust? Because there's always a risk that the other side promises more than they can deliver.

The resource system will be made up of a collection of envelopes, color coded according to group. These represent the finances, contacts, manpower and special resources that is available for the group to negotiate with. But inside of these envelopes is also a description of exactly what it is you get in the end, and the contents of these are only known to the group itself, and aren't revealed until after the larp. If someone has, for example, promised capable manpower in exchange for payment it could be revealed that in the end, what you got was only a bunch of layabouts and slowpokes. There will therefore be a certain strategy in not only who you deal with, but what you give them. Because everything has consequences...

A more detailed description of the system will be published later on.

• Organizers •

Zacharias Holmberg - Designer och writer
Pia Sjöberg - Logistics & practicals
Jo Granvik - Food planning & chef
Fredrik Westblom - Assistant

Kontakt: zacharias.b.holmberg gmail

The Blind Wolf's Tavern (Twilight Hour, 2008)