About the writer/artist

My name is Zacharias Holmberg, and I am a fennoswedish writer/artist/graphic designer/bookbinder from western Finland. I have a BA in Fine Arts and aim to go into programming as a complement sometime in the near future.

I've been worldbuilding in one way or another all my life, and though I've put a lot of focus into the visual arts, writing is becoming more and more of my focus again. The first things I ever tried writing seriously as a child were written on an old typewriter with half-dry ink and stubborn keys. One was a story about the final battle between God and the Devil. The other was a retelling of an old game called Ecco the Dolphin. Understandably, neither was ever completed.

To describe myself as a creator is difficult, and most artists are loath to do so. But to describe what I want with this project is far easier: I would wish to write fantasy that is more progressive, inclusive and modern. Fiction that is not only self-aware of its genre, but also personal in how it approaches it. Stories that are fun, but also have a human heart. As popcorn-tastic as world-saving adventures can be, they often lose the small, more human sides of the stories. The sides that are most important to me. Hopefully they are visible in my own writing.

About the project

Project Serenai is a worldbuilding project that has been going on since 2008, when it started with a small Live action roleplaying game called "Skymningstimmen"/"Hour of twilight". From there is has grown and developed in many different ways and currently has hundreds of works of art, music, photography and writing.

For its first decade, the project was largely about producing LARP games, tabletop role-playing, worldbuilding material and collaborative works. Now, however, the effort has shifted more into creating official storylines and publications. Though the project still maintains an openness towards collaborative works and creativity, it is less of a priority.

In the future, I hope to be able to publish illustrated story collections physically beyond simple self-publication, as well as other ways to spread to project. Small games, comics and such, perhaps? But for now, it is about one story at a time.