Investigator Alena

As the only unwed child in a minor noble family, Alena is something of a stubborn black sheep, uninterested in furthering family ambitions. Instead, her interests lie in the burgeoning sciences and research that is growing ever more important in Serdanos. Little does she know that her sister's wedding will open her eyes to an entirely new way to use her knowledge. Detective stories by way of fantasy.

Story 1: The wedding burglary

Alena of Esma was in many ways an epitome of the Seran ideal. Educated, thoughtful and clear-headed. But in other ways, she was far different from your average Seran woman. Today especially, she felt severely out of place. She stood dressed in her finest garments, dark vestments in blacks and blues, with only small gemstones that sparkled in the dim light. A fine, black veil of elaborate lace covered her face, just thin enough so that she could see through it. She stood huddled with others from her family, her mother and father on one side, and her brother and his wife on the other...
Published 12th of August 2019
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