Denvos of Navaria

A wayward monk from a dying Queendom, Denvos is more than a fish out of water. As one of the very first people to step out of the lost nation Navaria and into the world beyond, he has a great deal to learn about how the world works. Good intentions and kindness are not always enough. Together with his fellow monk Inella and the Seran lieutenant Ementhaso he ventures into Lenori, which will prove to be a far different place from both Navaria and Serdanos.

Story 1: Crossing over

Deep in the mountainous wilderness that was the Seran-Lenorian borderlands laid the Midnight trail, a winding road that cut through deep forests and rocky hills to connect the two nations. On this road, at the crest of a steep hill that marked the offcial border, laid a Seran outpost which guarded the passage along the trail. Even though dawn had broken but a few hours ago its guards were steadily doing their rounds, vigilant as ever. The war with the Rakkhari had ended less than two years earlier and the Serans were nothing if not cautious...
Published 12th of August 2019
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