Gretch Mountainborn

A Mountainborn axe-for-hire with a thundering laugh and a great taste for men (and women too, sometimes). Gretch is strong as an ox, resourceful where it counts and fiercely loyal to those he loves. But he is also consumed by a bitterness over past injustices and has strayed far from the heritage of his own people. Growing more and more willing to use dirty tricks to get what he wants, he he now risks dragging his close friend down as well.

Story 1: The Blind Wolf

A warm afternoon sun shone over the city of Kern Avanna, the largest harbor city in all of Lenori. Few of its streets were calm this time of day, as the hustle and bustle of traders and workers filled the streets with life. But a bit outside the center laid the dark quarters, those worn-down and dilapidated areas that had served as quarantine houses in the days when the Rakkhari spread their plague...
Published 12th of August 2019
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