Welcome to Project Serenai: a science fiction setting. On this page you can find all the stories and art that have been published connected to the setting so far, as well as background information about different parts of the setting.

Serenai is a universe-spanning setting, which so far contains stories connected to the science fantasy world Menidiath as well as Earth, known as Telloniath. Currently the stories published on this page are tied to Menidiath, but more will be published soon.

To get started, simply go to the stories and pick something that sounds interesting to you. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, go to the Menidiath page for more detailed information, art and other works tied to the setting.


Gretch Mountainborn - The Blind Wolf

A warm afternoon sun shone over the city of Kern Avanna, the largest harbor city in all of Lenori. Few of its streets were calm this time of day, as the hustle and bustle of traders and workers filled the streets with life. But a bit outside the center laid the dark quarters, those worn-down and dilapidated areas that had served as quarantine houses in the days when the Rakkhari spread their plague... Read more... | Go to storyline page

Investigator Alena - The wedding burglary

Alena of Esma was in many ways an epitome of the Seran ideal. Educated, thoughtful and clear-headed. But in other ways, she was far different from your average Seran woman. Today especially, she felt severely out of place. She stood dressed in her finest garments, dark vestments in blacks and blues, with only small gemstones that sparkled in the dim light. A fine, black veil of elaborate lace covered her face, just thin enough so that she could see through it. She stood huddled with others from her family, her mother and father on one side, and her brother and his wife on the other... Read more... | Go to storyline page

Denvos of Navaria - Crossing over

Deep in the mountainous wilderness that was the Seran-Lenorian borderlands laid the Midnight trail, a winding road that cut through deep forests and rocky hills to connect the two nations. On this road, at the crest of a steep hill that marked the offcial border, laid a Seran outpost which guarded the passage along the trail. Even though dawn had broken but a few hours ago its guards were steadily doing their rounds, vigilant as ever. The war with the Rakkhari had ended less than two years earlier and the Serans were nothing if not cautious... Read more... | Go to storyline page

Jesserith the Lost - A new start

Light rain from a cloudy sky. The whispering sound of wind rustling through the leaves. Cold ground pressing against naked skin. A dizzying, sickening feeling of vertigo. The world was all wrong, out of place. Like a bad dream that just kept on going after you’d woken up... Read more... | Go to storyline page

Wraithhunter Ilieva - The Duke's Rest

Evening had fallen on The Duke’s rest, a small tavern that hadn’t lived up to its fancy name in years. War and strife had taken its toll, but it was still a place dear to its regulars. Times were dark and everyone was on edge, and gathering with those near and dear to you was one of the few joys that remained. That evening, however, there were few visitors in the Duke’s rest... Read more... | Go to storyline page

Ranek the Smuggler - That damn Javenian

Thick mists covered the narrow streets of Idon Koresh, and a chilly autumn rain hurried late drinkers homewards. Somewhere in the night there was the sound of a cart slowly being dragged through the shadows, a low and careful murmur breaking the silence. If anyone but the Duke’s guard were awake (and sober) at this hour, they would maybe have seen a figure making their way along the most deserted back streets... Read more... | Go to storyline page