The Lenori-Rakkhari war and how the LARPS affected it

To give closure to the last 10 years of story, I'd like to share with you the fate of all the characters that took part in the LARPs and tabletop games that had an impact on the story as a whole. Here follows an account of the Lenori-Rakkhari war and how the choices made during the games affected it. Remember that these character fates are written up until about a year and a half after the war ended (And some earlier still due to story reasons). What happens to the characters after that point is very much up to you.

If you want more information about the LARPs themselves, see the LARP page.

Continent map

The beginning of the war

The prelude to the Lenorian-Rakkhari war came to pass as the Rakkhari Supreme Commander was growing old, and seeing he had accomplished nothing worthy of legend. So in his want to leave a legacy, he decided that he would break their age-old enemy – Norn. It was an ill-advised war that cost many lives and only succeeded because of power-hungry traitors that betrayed Norn in exchange for power under the Rakkhari. It had taken a great toll on the Rakkhari Commonwealth, and holding Norn would not be easy.

But the Supreme Commander was not satisfied, and wanted to continue the Crusade's march north. So it ventured into Lenori, which was a vastly different land than Norn. The Rakkhari way of waging war was not well-suited, and the combined forces of the Lenorians and the Serans proved to be too much. So the Warmaster Targo, who led the Rakkhari forces, decided he had to outmanouver them. A retreat into Norn led the northern forces too far, and Rakkhari forces could cut them off from their supply lines and force them to retreat into the mountains. The northern forces managed to entrench themselves with the aid of Norni rebels, but now the path into Lenori was free for the Rakkhari forces.

Skymningstimmen (Tavern LARP)

This LARP was a prelude to the war that was to come, on the eve of the second invasion of Lenori by the Rakkhari Crusade. At the end of it, characters dispersed in all manner of directions, many falling prey to the horrors of war. It changed little about the war in general, but set the tone of what was to come.

Althrea (Pia L) was captured by the Rakkhari following the attack.

Anemmari (Anders K) escaped the Rakkhari attack by going into the Sorcerers' forest with another group. At first, Anemmari intended to join them, but as he realized that he might captured by other Javenians, chose to flee eastwards instead. In time, he came to join the Lenorian spy organization the Sneaking Dundras, and got involved in the war effort against the Rakkhari (See Bland Hökar, Dundror och Bjurgar).

Atorim (Jenny E), Hellenji (Minna J), Silosa (Jahorina K), Tirbos (Victor S) escaped into the Sorcerers' forest together. But as the forest is still sealed off many years after the war, no one knows what became of them...

Bigne (Linn W) managed to flee northwards together with a group of people from the tavern. Together they headed for the northern part of Lenori, barely managing to outrun the Rakkhari invasion. As the war progressed, Bigne tried to keep her merchant life going, but to no avail. So she ended up in a refugee camp, where she later died of pneumonia.

Billni (Sandra H) together with Gopran (Tobias B) and Hibbmi (Vivi B) managed to flee after trying to fend off the Rakkhari attack. Together, they decided to venture back to the Mountain to hopefully find safety. But the Rakkhari forces were hot on their heels, and they barely managed to get back to the safety of their homeland, having been wounded several times over. There, they remain to this day.

Dernon (Fredrik W) was captured by the Rakkhari while trying to flee. He was quick to offer up information to them, however, in return for better treatment. As the Rakkhari hold on the Duchy of Kern strengthened, he became a reluctant spy and informer. Though that got him relatively safely through the war, his guilt only grew as he saw the horrors his countrymen went through. When peace came, he knew that he would be a marked man, and fled southwards to try and make a new life for himself in the Rakkhari Commonwealth, in the province of Gabbardan.

Dhorbon (Dick N) was captured by the Rakkhari following the attack, and soon put in a labor camp to aid the Rakkhari war effort. Being accustomed to a soft life, he did not take well to his new existence. But he remained in that labor camp until the end of the war. Having seen and heard how the nation outside the camp had fared, he realized he had been lucky, and vowed to start anew. And so he did, traveling to the Lenorian colony Gard Aval to make a new future for himself.

Diaima (Sylvia J) managed to flee northwards together with a group of people from the tavern. Together they headed for the northern part of Lenori, barely managing to outrun the Rakkhari invasion. She tried as best as she could to guide those she had helped, but in the end, most of them chose their own paths. After helping Eiris find a new future, she made it her mission to remain in Lenori to offer guidance to the Seran soldiers that were stationed there. In time, she became an influential voice in Northern Lenori, and when the war ended she was an integral part of the diplomatic process in northern Lenori.

Divmea (Pia S) managed to flee northwards together with a group of people from the tavern, but soon left them behind. Over the years she built up a gang of young robber girls, who made their living in any way necessary. (See Bland Hökar, Dundror och Bjurgar)

Djungan (Zacharias H) managed to flee the Rakkhari, but without the small treasure he had stored in the Blind Wolf's inn. As the war progressed, he became obsessed with this small hoard, and made a plot to get it back. (See Innan Natten Faller)

Eiris (Tina B) managed to flee northwards together with a group of people from the tavern. Together they headed for the northern part of Lenori, barely managing to outrun the Rakkhari invasion. In time, Eiris was aided by the Dragoman Diaima to get across the Seran border, to find work with a family, where she still remains today.

Garbhin (Eira E) was gravely wounded in the Rakkhari attack, and captured. Once her wounds had healed, she was placed in a labor camp, where she was forced to work to aid the Rakkhari war effort. Desperate to get back to her home around the mountain, she took part in an escape attempt, but was killed while fleeing.

Hoggirm (Tommy F) was killed in the attack by the Rakkhari.

Jorbah (Jens-Peter A) was captured by the Rakkhari and put into a labor camp. But together with a group, he tried to escape. Some were killed and some were captured, but he managed to get away. Making his way north, he was lucky enough to get through the Rakkhari front and into the Lenorian territory where the Seran Silver Army had come to their aid. There, he found and joined a camp of Mountainborn who had made a new home for themselves in the Ducy of Himon. Together with them, he outlasted the war, until they could all make their way back to the mountainous regions of the south.

Kaela (Ida H) managed to flee the Rakkhari attack. However, she chose to flee to the city of Kern Avanna, which was soon taken over by the Rakkhari as well. She barely survived the war years, and only avoided the horrible plague because she was placed in a war camp during its breakout in the later years of the war. After the peace was settled, she returned to work at the Blind Wolf's inn, which had been re-purposed by the Rakkhari into a makeshift base camp, but was given back to the Lenorians after the war.

Karthan (Teemu K) died defending those who tried to flee the Rakkhari attackers.

Kathos (Ludwig S) was captured by the Rakkhari, and when they later realized that he was a sorceror, he was summarily executed.

Kivrith (Sammy Å) was killed in the attack by the Rakkhari.

Livani (Johanna A) was killed in the attack by the Rakkhari.

Nadrin (Christa B) managed to flee northwards together with a group of people from the tavern. Together they headed for the northern part of Lenori, barely managing to outrun the Rakkhari invasion. That is where she came in contact with the Oathsworn, a group of life sorcerers and healers that had vowed to treat anyone and everyone that they could. She decided to join them, under the tutelage of a life sorceress named Jaljana, and still works with the oathsworn to this day.

Nihile (Sanna-Marie W) was captured by the Rakkhari. Due to the Rakkhari being unable to speak Seran, she was put in special custody, for the Rakkhari warcommand to try and exctract intelligence from her. But Nihile proved too clever, far from the rich brat they assumed her to be. She managed to escape, and using the contacts she had left, she managed to reach the furthest settlements on the western coast. From there, a transport was arranged to take her as far up the coast as possible. With luck, and a lot of bribes, she managed to reach Serdanos again. After supplying the Silver Army with what she had learned of the enemy, she headed to her home in Esma again, to take up her old life once more.

Pitan (Victoria S) was captured by the Rakkhari. At first she was put in a labor camp like many others, but as they realized that the woman wasn't quite all there, they left her to her own devices. But Pitan didn't quite know how to survive on her own. Even with the help of strangers, she ended up on the streets of Kern Fathos. When the city fell victim to the plague and was burned, she perished with it.

Reggam (Tuomas K) was poisoned by one of his slaves and while he was only captured by the Rakkhari, he died soon after.

Sigmi (Annette S) managed to flee northwards together with a group of people from the tavern. Together they headed for the northern part of Lenori, barely managing to outrun the Rakkhari invasion. It took her a long while to recover from the loss of her mentor, Venneton, and when she did, she joined the resistance group The silver cats, who worked with Seran intelligence and diplomats. (See Bland Hökar, Dundror och Bjurgar)

Sihvan (Madelene S) was captured by the Rakkhari. At first, she was put in a labor camp, but sustained an injury that made her unable to work. After the Rakkhari realized she would be of no use, they left her to her devices, leaving her to beg in the wartorn Kern Avanna. When the plague hit she was one of the first victims, and she succumbed quickly.

Tardog (Niclas ) managed to flee northwards together with a group of people from the tavern. Together they headed for the northern part of Lenori, barely managing to outrun the Rakkhari invasion. But Tardog could not just run from the war, and instead joined the Lenori-Seran forces. He fought admirably, if not well, but didn't escape the war without grave injuries. So he took up the smith's hammer again, and still works in the city of Himon Dagas to this day.

Toggmar (Johnny B) was captured by the Rakkhari forces, and put into a labor camp during the war. But he fell victim to the plague in the later years of the war, and perished in agony.

Uridrim (Erik S) was captured by the Rakkhari, but managed to escape imprisonment. He tried to get on a boat from Kern Avanna, but was too late. By then, trying to escape northwards was too dangerous, and instead he chose to try to hide out in villages around the countryside. But his con-man nature kept getting him into trouble, and he barely survived the war years. So when peace came, he swore to change his ways and try to make an honest living. For a while he actually managed to stick to his vow, but life in poverty took its toll. Finally he decided that he would try to make his way to one of the colonies. He just needed enough money to pay for passage, and thus he fell back to his old ways, still remaining in Kern Avanna.

Venneton (Calle T) died in the Rakkhari attack, trying to defend those that were trying to flee.

Innan natten faller (LARP)

This LARP took place two years after the invasion of Lenori, when Rakkhari troops held most of Lenori and there was a stalemate between them and the Lenorian-Seran forces. A group of former adventurers, a squad of Rakkhari soldiers and a strange gathering of creatures all happened upon each other in the deep wilderness of western Lenori. The game served as an introduction to the war at its peak, and the kidnapping of the Rakkhari plague sorceress and the failure of the plot to kill her meant that the Rakkhari command in the region started taking a far more aggressive stance to end the war and the out of control plague.

High slayer Bari Garadin (Calle T) was killed trying to defend the Plague sorceress Iilva.

Borthro (Johan F) was killed by the strange creatures of the forest when the Crone died.

The Crone (Annette S) died when Harrin crushed her heart against a rock, spreading her life essence out into the wilds.

Djungan (Zacharias H) Obsessed with the treasure he had to leave being in the Blind Wolf's inn, he made the gamble of trying to using his old companions as a way to get back into southern Lenori. The plan he had made together with Harrin went severely awry however, and he barely survived, now half-possessed by a restless spirit. (See KÄFTAB)

The Darkman (Kevin S) haunted the forests for years, until a passerby found his corpse and put it to peace, before finally ending his deathless existence.

Erinia (Madelene L) was reborn as the new Crone, sacrificing her own life essence to accept the forests'. She still guards that deep forest in the western part of the Duchy of Lanas, keeping her children safe.

The eye-eaters (Anders K, Ludwig S) sought out new hunting grounds, growing fat during the years of war. But they were finally ended by a mercenary hired by the Rakkhari by the name of Gretch.

Harrin (Victor S) barely survived the wounds he sustained in the forest. (See Bland Hökar, Dundror och Bjurgar)

Iilva of the Red fortress (Minna J) was taken hostage and brought over the frontline by her captors. (See Bland Hökar, Dundror och Bjurgar)

Illi, Villi & Hilli (Pia S, Tina B, Sandra H) still inhabit those deep forests, making sure no one will hurt Mother ever again.

The mosstykes (Jan G, Sonja A, Therese H) still play their pranks on anything and everyone that comes close to their forest.

The restless warrior (Zacharias H) was forced to possess the body of Djungan.

Slayer Ordo Lorzo (Tobias B) died while trying to kill the Plague sorceress Iilva.

The swamp wanderer (Petter F) wandered the wilderness around the swamp for many years, drowning many a passerby - until the day when someone came to end it all by finding his corpse and burning it.

Petheso (Fredrik W) died in the chaos after the Crone had been killed.

Rodrigo (Erik S) escaped with the others. (See Bland Hökar, Dundror och Bjurgar)

Velyania (Linn W) escaped with the others. (See Bland Hökar, Dundror och Bjurgar)

Vordran (Dick N) escaped with the others, intending to follow his master's advice. (See Bland Hökar, Dundror och Bjurgar)

Bland hökar, dundror och bjurgar (Resistance meeting LARP)

This LARP brought about massive changes to the Lenori-Rakkhari war, as the choice by resistance groups to make an informal alliance with Javenna meant that Javenian forces would soon enter the war, attacking the Rakkhari on a whole new front.

It also made a massive impact on a secret plot between Seran powers and the Rakkhari command to enact a peace treaty. A secret letter was exposed, wherein a Seran plot to take over Lenori was discovered. This letter would be a deciding factor in the outcome of the war – first it was taken by the leaders of the Lenorian resistance groups in the LARP to use as evidence of the Seran plot, but later it was reclaimed by Rakkhari special forces.

As Javenna entered the war, the Rakkhari Warmaster Targo who led the Rakkhari Crusade in Lenori saw that the end was close – the war had been difficult even before the Javenian enemy. He had long been critical of the war, but the Supreme Commander refused to bend in the matter. The secret treaty with the Serans had been a secret that Targo had kept from the Supreme Commander, and as the letter containing the Seran agreement to the peace was reclaimed, he had to act. He saw to it that the Supreme Commander was suffocated in his sleep, so that he himself could take the leadership of the Rakkhari Commonwealth. And as soon as he had done so, he acted to end the war using the treaty that almost got trampled into the mud at that fateful meeting.

Had that letter not been dropped in the first place, Serdanos would have taken over Lenori. Had the letter been claimed by the resistance movements and kept, there may not have been peace at all. And had the leaders not agreed to an alliance with Javenna, the Rakkhari might have taken Lenori completely. But by allowing the Javenians in, they may have invited something worse...

Aida (Sonja A) who was pregnant with the child of a Seran soldier had to leave her farm together with the revolutionaries. This proved to be a blessing in disguise however, as she found people sympathetic to her situation among the Silver cats. They helped her find a new home and work in southern Serdanos with a family who did not judge her. There, she gave birth to a healthy daughter, and after the war ended, she was reunited with her love once again.

Aienna (Tina B) first tried to flee on her own, since she was now hunted by unknown Javenians who were to bring her back to Javenna - by any means necessary. She didn’t want to risk her friends’ lives, especially when Divmea was now dead. But she fell victim to a pack of Ironguts, and was captured to be eaten. Luckily, her friends managed to find her and rescue her and brought her to the Red Bjurgs’ secret camp. But they accidentally led a couple of spies to the camp, which resulted in the Rakkhari special forces attacking it to reclaim the letter. After the attack, and the revival of Divmea, she stuck with her friends. But she was still being hunted by Javenians who were drawing ever closer.

Anemmari (Anders K) who began as a simple entertainer at a small tavern had ended up leading the Lenorian spy group the Sneaking Dundras. But he did not survive the revolutionary meeting, as he was killed by Seran spies, and his bones were taken by the Ché-xá Kél.

Briyania (Sandra H), Danas (Fredrik W) and Eilginn Kern (Henrik B) would never quite realize their part in how the war unfolded. As the revolutionaries fled to the Red Bjurg's secret camp with the letter that stated the Serans' intent to make peace with the Rakkhari and claim Lenori as part of Serdanos, they plotted how to use it best. But a mistake by some of those that fled with them led the Rakkhari, who were now intent on reclaiming the letter, straight to their camp. A group of Rakkhari special forces attacked the secret camp and reclaimed the letter, meaning that the revolutionaries lost their biggest weapon.

Eilginn, who had discovered that he had been infected by the Rakkhari plague, had to spend considerable effort and money to try and get it cured. The Oathsworn could not help him, and in the end he had to risk it all on a rumor that someone in eastern Lenori was able to cure the plague. He nearly didn't survive the journey, nor the shock that this person turned out to be Djungan (who was now controlled by the Javenians), his half-brother. In the nick of time, Eilginn was cured of the plague, and recovered in full. He became a strict and adamant opponent of all Rakkhari influence, even during the peace after the war. Even now, he works to drive out the Rakkhari who remain as merchants and civilians, wanting none of their influence in Lenori.

Briyania and Danas kept up the fight, even after losing the letter. Though Danas lost control of the Red Bjurgs after a coup he failed to hinder, he still felt like he had an obligation to work against Seran influences. Together, the two kept working to bring those that would have taken Lenori for themselves to justice – even to this day.

Divmea (Pia S) was killed by Seran spies during the revolutionary meeting. But her friends refused to give up on her, dragging her lifeless body with them.With the help of a Mountainborn sage, they could speak to the dead Divmea, and told her not to move on. And with tremendous effort and a massive sacrifice, they managed to convince a the most powerful life sorceress on the continent to try and revive their friend. By giving up decades of their own lives, they gave Divmea a second chance. But returning from the dead is not purely a good thing, as Divmea would quickly learn.

Djungan (Zacharias H) was whisked off to Javenna because of the strange wound he carried. (see KÄFTAB)

Fligu Dromm (Tobias B), Rothos (Calle T) and Maerol Zarkan (Niclas B) left the meeting with a trail of blood. Rothos, who had been working to make a secret treaty between the Serans and the Rakkhari a reality, had lost the all-important treaty and was now at the mercy of two spies. These two spies were from different houses, and were hired by different families to bring Rothos to justice. After a brief foray to the Rakkhari side, for Rothos to deliver the message that he had failed, the three headed northwards. Finally, the two spies came to fight for who got Rothos, and Fligu came out on top. He brought Rothos to those who had hired him, which in turn brought Rothos before the Seran Senate. But even though Rothos testified about the secret treaty, he neglected to mention the head of that conspiracy – the Speaker of the Seran Senate. And that, in the end, saved his life. Dumped on the side of a desolate road, rather than in a cell, he vowed to seek out Djungan, who he still blamed for many of his mistfortunes.

Fligu, who had been infected with the plague, fought desperately to find a way to cure himself. But in the end he succumbed, as none in Serdanos could treat the plague.

Maerol, in turn, went on to join an illegal expedition into Navaria, the reclusive neighbor of Serdanos (See below).

Harrin (Victor S), Rodrigo (Erik S) and Vordran (Dick N) all fled the meeting together, aiming to try and find Vordran's master in the Sorcerer's forest. But they did not make it across the front together, but were captured. The kidnapping of the plague sorceress Iilva had tightened security, and as they were captured, they were separated. While Rodrigo managed to escape and managed to free Vordran, but Harrin was nowhere to be found. He lingered for a while, but soon realized that he was endangering themselves too much. Together, they made their way to the Sorcerer's forest, but what happened after they reached it is another story...

Little did Rodrigo know that Harrin had been identified as having pretended to be a Rakkhari officer, and as such had been taken southwards to answer for his crimes. Even now, át the start of the Rakkhari-Javenian war, he sits imprisoned in the Skull, that infamous prison in Gabbardan.

Heiskel (Simon H) left together with the other revolutionaries to the Red Bjurgs' secret camp. When the Rakkhari special forces attacked, he died defending the Bjurgs' leader Danas.

Iilva of the Red fortress (Minna J) and Velyania (Linn W) fled the meeting together, as Iilva had promised that Velyania would be cured of the plague if she saw to it that Iilva was brought back to the Rakkhari side. Velyania kept her promise, and even defended Iilva against Rakkhari attackers who would rather see the plague sorceress dead. And so, Velyania was cured of the plague, and the two parted ways. Iilva continued southwards with an escort to report what had happened to the Rakkhari Supreme Commander, but found herself in the capital during a tumultous time. Not long after delivering her report, the Supreme Commander died, and his successor took over. This successor, the Warmaster Targo, quickly outlawed plague sorcery and ordered the imprisonment of all plague sorcerers. Iilva ran to avoid capture and possible execution. But one night, she was approached by a well-meaning stranger, and after that night the wanted Iilva was nowhere to be found.

Velyania returned northwards to try and find Harrin, but to no avail. Instead she chose to try and seek out Miva, another one of their former companions. By asking members of the order called Ayvan's hand, an order of Arbitrators, she managed to track down her friend. She spent the remainder of the war aiding that order in keeping peace and helping refugees, always keeping her ears open for what may have happened to Jaljana, her closest friend. After the war, she heard of the order of the Oathsworn, who had a powerful life sorceress among them – and so she set out to see if she could once more track down a friend.

Kél (Jan G) kept following Eilginn Kern, throughout the man's fight to survive the plague, collecting strange items and relics along the way. As peace was settled, he returned to the City of glass, telling them of what he had seen and gathered. Plans were put in motion to send further investigators into Lenori and Serdanos, but

Sigmi (Annette S) kept working with the Silver cats throughout the rest of the war. Afterwards, when the Rakkhari had left Lenori, she realized that there now was nothing left to fight. Only the memories of her dead mentor. So she settled in a small town in the Duchy of Rivas, where a Seran chemist offered her work. There she could use her herbalist knowledge for medicine, rather than killing.

Varg (Kevin S) kept fighting with the Red Bjurgs as long as he could, even though he nearly perished when the Rakkhari special forces attacked the Bjurgs' secret camp. But as the war dragged on, his wounds got worse, and his mind weakened. One day, he simply wandered into the wilderness, never to return...

Vidja (Madelene L) fled together with the revolutionaries, but the violence that ended the meeting made her rethink her part in the resistance. Instead she chose to sneak away, and using what contacts she had with the Silver cats, she managed to keep herself safe until the end of the war. After peace was settled, she kept working as an assistant to a Seran merchant, where she remains to this day.

Key choices:

The decision to ally with Javenna
- Brought more pressure on an already strained Rakkhari invasion
- Forced the assassination of the Rakkhari Supreme Commander
- Meant that Javenna would gain influence in Lenori, as a weapon against the Serans
- Without that decision, but with the letter, the Rakkhari would have made peace with the Serans, who would have taken over Lenori
- Without that decision and without the Rakkhari reclaiming the letter, there would not have been peace for a long time, if at all.

The decision to reveal the Seran plot (but blaming the wrong person)
- Meant Serdanos would not be able to take Lenori
- Pushed forward the plans to investigate taking over Navaria with the military


This LARP cemented not only the Javenian involvement of the war, but also leaked important information to dangerous people. During the party, plans of the Javenian Senate to use their war effort in eastern Lenori to start spreading their own faith were heard by by people who should not have heard them. This information spread to the ears of a dangerous person who decided to implant themselves in the Senate's plans, and use them for their own ends. Acting against the Javenian state, this person would use the leaked to influence the Javenian work and establish a separate little power of their own in eastern Lenori.

Aereith (Pia S) had heard the Senate's secrets, and after the party she was eager to sell that information. In the end she chose to do so to a secretive body sorceress who had grown very influential in the Javenian city of Selamandesh. Little did she know the role this would play in how this would affect the work in eastern Lenori – as this body sorceress quickly formed a plan to insert herself into this work and usurp it for her own ambitions. After peace was settled between the Lenorian-Seran alliance and the Rakkhari Commonwealth, Aereith was offered a position in easter Lenroi, which she gladly accepted. But it would be some time before she realized that she was now working against Javenna, rather than for it...

Djungan (Zacharias H) was moved back to eastern Lenori when the Javenians realized that he would be able to control the Rakkhari plague for a short while. As the Javenians were especially susceptible to the plague, having a tool against it would prove useful. So he was put to work near Idon Kardam, in cleansing the plague from people. In the beginning, he charged victims for the service. But seeing the almost endless amount of victims, he was forced to face some very difficult questions about himself and his greed.

Edeni (Minna J) kept doing her work as one of the inspectors of sorcery in the city of Ma'serith. As the Javenian-Rakkhari war began, sensory sorcery would be considered something that contributed very little to Javenna's fight, and as such was being looked down upon. So in her position, she saw it necessary to champion it's usefulness – if not for her own sake, then for the children who had no choice in which sorcery they developed. This resulted, however, in new ways for Javenna's Battalions to slay their enemies – which may not have been what she intended.

Elenith (Ludwig S) became one of the instrumental Senators in keeping the Javenian work in Lenori progressing, as well as an ardent supporter of using the Oblivion Battalion against the Rakkhari. He would never realize himself just how big a part he played in what horrors where to unfold as the Javenian-Rakkhari war began.

Erejih (Calle T) kept doing his work as a low-level life sorcerer in Tol Valda. It was humble work, but there would never be an end to the cases of kidney failure. When the Javenian-Rakkhari began, however, he was transferred to become a part of the support groups that would back up the Javenian Blood Battalion on the southern front. Only time will tell if he would come back alive.

Jonojarjith (Erik S) kept creating his very questionable memory scrolls. But once the work in Lenori started, he branched out, and with considerable effort he was granted a short visit to Idon Kardam. There, he collected memories from people who had experienced the world far outside Javenna, which were of considerable value to Javenians who would never be allowed to leave their homeland.

Lasidaari (Hanna L) and Maerelith (Fredrik W) were quickly involved in the Javenian work to convert Lenori, as Lasidaari was working for the very person who sought to usurp it. Maerelith, on the other hand was ordered by the Council of Judgement – the gathering of soul sorcerers – to venture there as well to keep an eye on the work. In time, Lasidaari's connection to her “boss” earned her a position as an overseer in the Lenorian city Ilyarev, while Maerelith immersed himself in the conversion work taking place the city of Idon Kardam, which had come to serve as the focus point for the Javenians in Lenori.

Naya – (Linn W) kept working her job as a mood enhancer at a restaurant. As the Javenian-Rakkhari war started, she was transferred instead to Yadesh, where she would become part of the support for the soldiers of the Havoc and Blood Battalions. In that strange, ancient city she remained for the duration of the war.

Nialo – (Jan G) kept doing his work, taking advantage of all the pleasure available to him as a Senator. He was one of the few vocal opponents to the Javenian-Rakkhari war, seeing it as wasteful fighting an enemy too far away to be a danger.

Vienji – (Sandra H) continued her work in the Senate, a big supporter of both the conversion of Lenori as well as the war against the Rakkhari. She was, however, not happy about the use of the Oblivion battalion to eradicate the Rakkhari capital, fearing that it would only make things worse. Time woud eventually prove her right, and she would not live to see the end of that war.

Zooriath Daari (Niclas B) kept working as a guard in Tol Valda. But as soon as the Javenian-Rakkhari war began, he was transferred to become a part of the Javenian Havoc Battalion. It was a nightmarish training, and at the end he would be moved to the southern front, far beyond the thunderplains and the Yadeshi swamplands. Only time will tell if he survived the war.

The Navarian expedition (TABLETOP GAME)

An illegal expedition from Serdanos, into the neighboring lands of Navaria. It was originally a secret conspiracy conceived as a way to explore whether the forbidden kingdom of Navaria would be possible to annex by way of military. But the expedition buckled, when the politics of Seran spy houses clashed and the expedition's leader ended up killed. The remaining members, however, managed to reach the Queen of Navaria. This resulted in her choosing that Navaria must venture out, and seek a closer relationship with Serdanos. To survive, they could not sit idly by as the world went on without them. The Javenians, however, would come to see this as a massive insult, and a danger to their own borders.

Eleniana (Jo G) chose to remain in Navaria, tired of the schemings in Serdanos. Instead, she would devote herself to study the Navarian culture that she had been fascinated by for so long. As Navaria became more and more open, she came to serve as an advisor to the queen in matters concerning Serans and their ways.

Gastor (Fredrik W) and Maerol Zarkan (Niclas B) were both exiled in shame from Navaria, and both chose not to return home, fearing repercussions from the failed conspiracy. Instead they chose to venture towards Lenori, to try and find a new life. They would soon find that the situation further south was in no way simple or safe, as tensions between Serans and Javenians started to escalate after the peace was settled. So they made their living doing odd jobs, until the day they got dragged into another conspiracy...

The end result of it all

Following the opening of Navaria and their renewed relationship with Serdanos, Javenna saw that it was time that they acted. The Godhating Rakkhari were a clear enemy that must one day be defeated, and so Javenna decided to show their true strength. Their Seran and Navarian brethren would see that nothing could match the might of Javenna. Sooner or later, they would all have to kneel. The Javenian work to convert Lenori to its faith had begun (though they were not aware of the powerful traitor that was influencing that work), but they needed a proper show of force.

So a sole member of the Javenian Oblivion Battalion was sent on the long pilgrimage deep into enemy lands. For months she walked, until she reached the capital of the Rakkhari Commonwealth. And then, in the blink of an eye, both she and the city were reduced to ash. But one part of the city remained standing – the high halls of the Warmasters, that towering citadel where the Rakkhari rulers held court. As the dust settled, it loomed above the wasteland, as if it had been protected by some divine hand.

The Javenians thought that this would make the Rakkhari cower in fear and collapse. But they had misjudged their enemy. Now, if ever, it was apparent to the Rakkhari what kind of atrocity the God-worshippers posed. The Rakkhari-Javenian war had begun.