How the LARPS affected Menidiath

Skymningstimmen - 15.11.2008

(Twilight hour)

In the small nation of Lenori lies a humble inn by the name of The Blind Wolf. This larp was sat during the night of the first snow, when the inn is packed nearly full of all manner of people - for good and bad.

But little did the visitors at the inn know about the danger quickly approaching from the south...

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Innan natten faller - 19.6.2010

(Before night falls)

Two years after the Rakkhari invasion of Lenori, people find that strange things are awakening in the forests. One rainy afternoon, several people - refugees, soldiers and former adventurers - unknown to each other are approaching the same spot in the forest, where odd, wild beings have already congregated...

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Där inga stjärnor glimrar - 27.1.2011

(Where no stars glimmer)

Far away from home, an expedition of Lenorians, Mountainborn and Serans have gotten lost on dark seas. They have been forced to found a colony to survive, but are beset by cold and the hungering claws of darkness and madness every day. One day, an expedition made up of volunteers is launched to explore the northernmost parts of the lands.

This larp took place two weeks into their walk into the darkest parts of the world. Suddenly, the come upon a small cabin, and a disfigured old man. As he disappears screaming into the dark, they are beset upon by abominations approaching from the dark...

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Bland hökar, dundror och bjurgar - 4.6.2011

(Among hawks, dundras and bjurgs)

A larp about a meeting between revolutionary groups, all dedicated to the fight for a free Lenori, who have decided that the time has come to cooperate. But they have not anticipated a group of refugees and adventurers approaching, nor two Seran spies, both hunting for a man who has been working hard to turn the tide of war - in a very bad way...

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Känslomagikern är far till alla barnen - 23.7.2011

(The emotion sorcerer is the father of all the children)

This larp took place during an exclusive party on a Javenian senator's private recreational island. An odd mix of Javenians had been invited for unknown reasons, and soon find themselves in the middle of a great deal of secret-mongering, where both the Javenian senate's and the Soul sorcerers' council's stability are at stake...

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Ochri Drömsångare - 12.7.2014

(Ochri Dreamsinger)

In a small camp of Mountainborn, a dear and beloved member has passed away. As tradition demands a big feast was held, and now the members of the little camp wake up with no memory of what happened last night. But despite aching heads they still have to prepare to take their final farewells of Ochri Dreamsinger as the sun sets...

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Vintervind / Winterwind - 2016, 2018, 2019

A small camp in Pirttikylä, Pohjanmaa had lived and survived together for years. But due to rising conflicts, resource scarcity and other problems, the camp headed for a painful split. Each and everyone had to make a difficult choice: to leave a failing camp, or to stay after so many had left.

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