Ranek the smuggler

Eternally caught between a rock and a hard place, Ranek is not one to shy away from dirty deeds. And though he may not like to admit it, he's sacrificed the well-being of others more than once to save his own hide. But as he sinks deeper and deeper into the morass of exploitation and treachery that is eastern Lenori, he is forced to start asking himself how far he can go before there is nothing left worth saving.

Story 1: That damn Javenian

Thick mists covered the narrow streets of Idon Koresh, and a chilly autumn rain hurried late drinkers homewards. Somewhere in the night there was the sound of a cart slowly being dragged through the shadows, a low and careful murmur breaking the silence. If anyone but the Duke’s guard were awake (and sober) at this hour, they would maybe have seen a figure making their way along the most deserted back streets...
Published 12th of August 2019
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