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This is where all the different storylines that have been published are collected, divided by character. As time goes on, stand-alone parts will be added to a separate list. If you want more information about the setting that these stories take place in, use the menu above.

Stories from Menidiath

Investigator Alena

As the only unwed child in a minor noble family, Alena is something of a stubborn black sheep, uninterested in furthering family ambitions. Instead, her interests lie in the burgeoning sciences and research that is growing ever more important in Serdanos. Little does she know that her sister's wedding will open her eyes to an entirely new way to use her knowledge. Detective stories by way of fantasy.
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Denvos of Navaria

A wayward monk from a dying Queendom, Denvos is more than a fish out of water. As one of the very first people to step out of the lost nation Navaria and into the world beyond, he has a great deal to learn about how the world works. Good intentions and kindness are not always enough. Together with his fellow monk Inella and the Seran lieutenant Ementhaso he ventures into Lenori, which will prove to be a far different place from both Navaria and Serdanos.
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Gretch Mountainborn

A Mountainborn axe-for-hire with a thundering laugh and a great taste for men (and women too, sometimes). Gretch is strong as an ox, resourceful where it counts and fiercely loyal to those he loves. But he is also consumed by a bitterness over past injustices and has strayed far from the heritage of his own people. Growing more and more willing to use dirty tricks to get what he wants, he he now risks dragging his close friend down as well.
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Wraithhunter Ilieva

A hunter of foul things from a family of outcasts. While the nation of Norn crumbles around her Ilieva desperately tries to do good wherever she can, as the dark events around her give birth to more and more terrible creatures. Violence only begets more violence, but how far can she go before she herself breaks?
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Jesserith the Lost

A woman wakes up lost in the woods with barely any recollection of where, who or even what she is. Little by little she must puzzle together what has happened, who she is, and ultimately, what happens next. A story about identity and how you fit into society. And the horror that is Javenna.
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Ranek the Smuggler

Eternally caught between a rock and a hard place, Ranek is not one to shy away from dirty deeds. And though he may not like to admit it, he's sacrificed the well-being of others more than once to save his own hide. But as he sinks deeper and deeper into the morass of exploitation and treachery that is eastern Lenori, he is forced to start asking himself how far he can go before there is nothing left worth saving.
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Telloniath / Postapoc Ostrobothnia stories

Hydrans rike

A short story collection about a bioapocalypse, centered around Ostrobothnia, Finland. Currently being written, intended for physical publication. Swedish only to start with.
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