Buy the stories

Currently, you can get the first Menidiath short story collection via Etsy (or directly from the artist) in zine format. To buy one, go to Etsy .

The first Menidiath short story collection

The first collection of short stories featuring Ilieva, Gretch, Alena, Ranek, Denvos and Jesserith.
Only Zine version is available at the moment, but softcover and hardcover will be available in the future.

Support the artist/project

Should you wish to support the project and it's creator in other ways, you can do so using the following means:
Etsy has original art, digital prints, notebooks and short story collections.
Redbubble and Society6: has prints, products and lots of other goodies.
Ko-fi is where you can leave a small tip, perhaps enough to buy a coffee.


Email: zacharias.b.holmberg -
Instagram: @zachholmbergart

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