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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
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Tags: Rakkhari

Crusaders, scholars and conquerors. The Rakkhari are a people on a mission: to slay all gods, and free the world. This crusade is based upon the deeds of Rakkath the Godslayer, a man who stole divine weapons to murder the high God of a pantheon that had enslaved humanity. He then set out on a crusade to hunt down all the other gods in their realm of shadows, and instructed his people to carry on the fight in their own world. This is the very foundation of the Rakkhari culture, a culture with a strict division between the military and the civilian life.

They are a people that value strength, bravery and intelligence. Those who contribute to society and the crusade should be celebrated. Those who cannot or choose not to must be corrected. Or rejected. While they can be a warm and welcoming people, they have little tolerance for weakness or laziness. In many ways, the individual stands alone.

During the course of their crusade they have occupied many lands and many peoples, and this has resulted in what is called the Rakkhari Commonwealth. But though they may seem like a powerhungry and dominant people, the crusade comes from a want to prevent the gods from returning to enslave humanity again. Freedom must be fought for, even when people do not understand that the Gods they worship are nothing but liars and tyrants.

Though the Rakkhari Commonwealth is vast and varied, the true homelands of the Rakkhari is a sea of warm, sunny fields and hills. Fertile groves heavy with fruits and crops, calm rivers and brooks, rustling trees among windswept beaches. This placid, peacful land is a stark contrast to its fervent, restless people.