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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Serdanos

At the height of the Lenorian-Rakkhari war, a lone Seran life sorceror took it upon himself to change things around. Exhausted by the endless bloodshed and the uncountable dead bodies on all sides, he saw that it was all futile, and could no longer conscientiously serve just one side. Thus, he swore that he would use his powers for the good of all, and be beholden to no country. And so, the Oathsworn were born.

What is now a rather large organization of life sorcerors, healers and aid workers was not well received at all at the start. Many called it outright treason, and called for all manner of punishments. But to start thinning the already too-small numbers of life sorcerors was not a very attractive thought either, and as more and more powerful individuals joined the cause, less and less could be done to stop them.

Though many still hold a grudge against the Oathsworn for lending even the slightest of aid to the Rakkhari, it impossible to ignore just how vital their work has been to lessen the suffering of those who were hit hardest by the war. And there is no small number of Rakkhari who have joined their cause after the way, hoping to balance the scales after the Crusade nearly tore the country to bits. If there is ever to be a true mending of old wounds, it would only be made possible because of the Oathsworns’ work.

While it is an organization that doesn’t put a lot of value on hierarchy and obeying orders, most - if not all - recognize the Seran life sorceror Jaljana as the de facto leader of the group. Most ascribe her abilities near-mythical proportions, claiming her to be the most powerful life sorceror in this part of the world, though you would never guess it from her. She is a patient soul, humble to the point of self-eradication, having given her life completely to the Oathsworn’s cause. Some even say that she is so powerful she can’t be killed - that the scar on her neck was an attempt on her life by the Rakkhari as they tried to eradicate all sorcerors during the war. But even a slit neck could not end her.

Of course, if you were to ask her, she would only shake her head and wave it away. “Just a flesh wound,” she would say and smile.