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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
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Tags: Serdanos

Calculating scientists, cold politicians and discerning mystics. The Serans are a force to be reckoned with. What on the surface may seem like a stiff and boring bunch of dullards, is in reality a collection of some of the sharpest, most cunning minds on the planet. The nation is made up of a number of families, the remnants of the highest-ranking families of an old, decrepit nation that they left a long time ago. Though a senate unites them to keep their nation organised, they struggle for power and influence not only in politics, but in science, sorcery and mysticism as well. But do not mistake this competition for fractures - when there is an outside threat, the Serans hold the line, united. But as they live in a society built on feuds and struggles the Serans have built a culture that is formal to the point of mechanical, and a natural paranoia where nothing can be completely trusted.

Seeing their scientific prowess, it may seem strange that the Serans then put their faith in truths divined from the stars. But the Dragomen - oracles, astronomers and diviners - rely on far more than guesswork. But in all of Serdanos, nothing is kept as secret as their methods and designs.

Like its people, the land in Serdanos is cold and rather uninviting. Thick forests, jagged mountains and desolate heights make up this cold, windswept land where winters cut deeper than any blade. And little by little, the Serans expand their reach into the arctic waters in the north, establishing outposts among the small, frozen islands.