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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
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Tags: Serdanos

There are many parts of Serdanos that one might describe as “remote”. None of them are quite as remote as the White Stormpeaks however, a scattering of islands, far in the north among ice and snow.

While still part of Serdanos, the inhabitants there keep many traditions of their own. Isolated in these dark lands where few boats can travel, they live their lives in a far more simple way. But that is not to say they are not a vital part of Serdanos. Indeed, many of the most respected craftsmen in the country live among these islands, carrying out their work in peace and secrecy.

Many parts of the White Stormpeaks still remain uncharted even to this day - remaining out of reach to everyone except the russ riders that traverse the icy waters. And they are not a kind of people that tend to speak a lot about their time out there in the cold dark.