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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Zaga Mora

It is a memory lost to the generations by now, with only a scarce few stories to tell by the fireside.

They tell of the old continent, far to the southeast, where the old folk had spread their roots and spread their realms. Large, prosperous nations that only worried about petty squabbles. But then, the world changed. Some heavenly cataclysm shook the very world, and after that cataclysm a gargantuan beast rose from some ancient tomb. Stories tell of it dwarfing even the mightiest fortress - a terror that no earthly force could fight. As this beast wreaked havoc across the continent, it spread some dark corruption that choked the land, turning it into little more than grey ash. The world was dying, and the people had to flee.

Thus began the long pilgrimage, when the old folk ventured northwards, venturing past the Ember Sea. Through wretched storms and frozen wastelands, through violent wildlands and labyrinthine passes they ventured. And in time, they parted ways in their desperate search for new homes.

The first to depart from the pilgrimage were the Zaga Mora. Some say it was because the elders heard the call of thunder, high among the mountains. Others say the other folk were slowly going mad, or were too corrupt to be trusted. No one knows the truth anymore.

Many were lost on that pilgrimage. Centuries of history buried and forgotten. But the old folk survived.