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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
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Tags: Lenori

The wind howled and tore at his clothes like a tempestuous lover and the ocean sprayed icy cold kisses over him as wave after wave crashed against the ship. No matter how much he longed to see land again, he could not help but feel the same rabid love for the sea as it seemed to hold for him. He stood at the front of the Wintergale, as fine a ship as there ever was in Lenori, searching the ocean mists for signs of new land. They had been out at sea for longer than anticipated, and people had started seeing things in the mist. Or so they said.

In the midst of the grunting and shouting sailors, he heard footsteps approaching. It was the Captain Lenorova, Tamer of the high oceans, Braver of the ancient winds. A woman of venerable age who sailed the seas by way of matching their temper, rather than evading them.

"No signs yet, Captain. Nothing but sea and wind and mistjumpers."
"I can see that well myself. But we're getting close to it, I can feel it in my bones. Just you wait." she grunted in return.

They stood and watched for a good while as the waves rolled through the mists. Suddenly, pale shapes appeared in the mist, vauge outlines of strange shores with outlandish peaks and structures emerging above the horizon.

"I swear, Captain..." he whispered "sometimes it's like the winds are speaking to you."

The Captain let out a small chuckle.

"It looks like his Lord Tarustev might have his new colony after all."