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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 15.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Lenori

Djungan of Kern, bastard son to the late Duke of Kern in Lenori. A rather sorry individual who grew up on the streets and learned how to con his way through the world. For some years, he worked with the escaped Ormázi slave Rodrigo, who was an expert in more shady - and violent - dealings. Together they made a decent living using indecent methods. While Djungan riled up a crowd with scathing (and often untrue) words against those in charge, Rodrigo would pick their pockets while their attention was turned elsewhere.

But both of their fates would change drastically, as they joined up with a couple of sellswords who travelled the roads, renting out their services. This group soon grew, until they were 8 of them - an efficient team, albeit with very different views of the world and how business should be conducted. They travelled together for years, and despite their differences they all became close - even Djungan, as internally miserable and distrusting as he was, actually felt like he had someone to rely on.

It would not last however. One fateful night in the Duchy of Idon, where the group had made powerful enemies, Djungan was cornered by corrupt guards and beaten until he gave up the secret location where their group was hiding. They were all either captured, or disappeared. In shame, Djungan fled the city after finding out what had happened, blaming himself for having betrayed them.

He would later buy the Blind Wolf - a failing tavern in the Duchy of Kern. While he didn’t know much about being a good host, he knew that people would always crave two things: good drink and titillating entertainment. With time, the tavern saw modest success, and Djungan managed to save up a rather respectable little fortune - partly because he skimped on wages and upkeep in the tavern. But then came the war with the Rakkhari, and Djungan had to flee like most others - leaving his fortune behind.

In the war years, he became active in the Sneaking Dundras - a Lenorian infiltration organisation that was fighting the Rakkhari with more subtle methods. Through them he became aware of what was happening on the Rakkhari side of the war, and a plan started to form. What the Dundras had was good intelligence but they lacked capable manpower. If he could put their information to use with a group that knew what they were doing, they could actually make big dents in the Rakkhari invasion. So he decided that it was time to reach out to those he failed long ago.

In the end, this plan would fail however. Only a few of them showed up, and they were in no way happy to see Djungan again. They were set to abduct a Rakkhari plague sorceror - which would likely have been easy had it not been for the untimely intervention of otherworldly creatures. They barely made it out alive - but they had the plague sorceror. Now, they set sights on a resistance meeting, where the Sneaking Dundras were to convene with other groups such as the Silver Flame and the Red Bjurgs. In hope that they could coordinate some bigger plan, they entered the meeting, hiding the fact that they had a captive Rakkhari officer.

Once again, things would be derailed however, as a couple of - rather inebriated - Javenians crashed the meeting to offer Javenian assistance in the war. A pivotal turning point when looked at from a wider perspective. But they also revealed that quite a few of the attendants in the meeting were infected with the plague. Though the Javenians managed to hinder the plague from spreading, these news cause the meeting to start spiralling out of control. And in that ruckus, the Javenians abducted Djungan, as they took an interest in the wound on his face - caused by a renegade Javenian soul sorceror years before. Unbeknownst to Djungan, this wound has started to absorb some of the power from the plague skull that the group had confiscated from the plague sorceror. Whisked off to Javenna, Djungan became a curiosity for the easterners, many of whom had never seen anyone from outside Javenna before. Their powers mended his wound - which meant that the plague sorcery inside him became stabilised and usable. For as long as the potency lasted, at any rate.

So when the Javenians decided to enter Lenori to aid in the war they took Djungan with them, and forced him to help keep their forces safe from the plague that was quickly spreading. There he remained, until the day one of his old comrades entered the Javenian encampment…