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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 18.08.21
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Tags: Lenori

The air was thick with strange fragrances and smells, but it still felt very much like home. Faramès of Zinova was far away from home now, in a land that would certainly not be very trusting of him or his compatriots. These Lenorians were a rowdy folk, but even they could surely see reason. And experience had taught him that even the most bitter hatred could be defeated with gentle gestures and a honest demeanor. War had made them wary of southerners, and little could they know the differences between the Rakkhari and the the Hineans.

Their group drew many dark looks as they ventured into the crowded, albeit still a bit war-torn market of Kern Avanna, but he saw the glimmers of curiosity shine through in more than few of the market's visitors. It was not without intention that he had seen to it that his most exotic wares were displayed openly, and spices and scents were allowed to spread their fragrances.

Several months had been spent on preparations: learning their language, choosing wares and gathering a suitable group for the expedition. Lenorian, he had noted, had odd similarities to the Gabbardani dialects. He was certain, however, that it would all be worth the effort. With hard work and a little luck, his endeavors would be recognized as beneficial for the commonwealth.

So he took to building the stall together with his assistants, and while one or two marketgoers threw slurs their way, most people seemed content to keep their distance, barely masking their curiousity. He had forced his assistants to rehearse this many times, so that the work would not only be efficient, but also stylish. In no time at all, their wares were proudly displayed, with the aromas of his home lands quickly spreading and his helpers giving out free samples among the market goers. He looked upon the scene with pride swelling in his chest as the Hinean colors lit up the dour market, and a crowd hesitantly gathered.

Yes, this was where he would build his fortune.