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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 16.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Javenna, Lenori, Serdanos, Akropa

One of the more distinguishing features between the different people of Ambra are, of course, the ears. Whereas the Lenorians, the Norni, the People of the Plains and the Rakkhari all have rather smooth, round ears, the other cultures display a more elongated and sharp ear physiology. One might naturally assume that this is because the aforementioned cultures came to Ambra later than the others and from a different part of the world - which is a part of the truth.

Closer studies have however shown that this change in physiology can be connected to sorcery however. Something about the presence - active or passive - of sorcery potential in the blood affects the parts of the body that never stop growing, for example the ears and the nose. Though changes in nose physiology are far more rare, they have also been observed.

Exactly what causes the variance among the Yadeshi (who have no outer ear at all) and the Akropa (whose ears display protrusions made of hardened cartilage) is a different question however. The latter will likely attribute it to gifts from their Goddess, but exactly what this entails is unclear.

Sketch collection of ears and jewellery, with an extract from a study on anatomy.