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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 2.10.2022
Menidiath date:
Tags: Lenori

The tree small moons that orbit Menidiath all have their own myths, stories and legends in different cultures. But none of them are quite as mysterious as the fourth one - a moon so large and awe-inspiring that some even believe it to be the home of Gods or other divine beings. Not since the beginning of recorded history has the pale globe moved from its resting place in the heavens, gazing down on Menidiath as if it was frozen in time.

To the Lenorians, this moon is known simply as Llona, or fate. Inspired by old faiths and stories, it symbolises destiny - calling out to the people to fulfil their purpose. Some of the more apocalyptic stories tell of a day when the two worlds will collide, ushering in an age of destruction and fire. Luckily, the pale giant doesn’t seem to eager to move anytime soon.