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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 16.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Norn

There are many strange beings in Menidiath indeed, and many of them have very mysterious origins.

Some seem to be built - constructed by some unknown hand for hidden purposes. They carry the distinct mark of craftsmanship, though what deranged creator would give life to such things is anyone's guess.

Other are far more natural, seeming more like animals, though their behaviour is very dissimilar. Still, nature is an unmatched poet and such creatures are still comprehensible.

But then there are those creatures that seem to have stepped in from another world altogether. Beings that defy all explanation and reason - seeming not to have been born or even capable of truly dying. Those with a bit more knowledge than most have made the observation that many such creatures seem to feed off emotions, both inspiring and draining them from unwitting victims. Though this is hardly true for all of them, it does seem to describe many creatures who seem to be present wherever there are extreme emotions, be it joy, fear, anger or other.

This theory does not make them any easier to deal with, however.