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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
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Tags: Fal Narn

Of all the things that shaped the history of Fal Narn, it may well be that none were as influential as the War of Memories. Yet, very few outside of the province even know that it even took place.

As the story goes, when the Gods disappeared from the world, the people were lost. They had all had a task, a purpose in the world - and now they were cast adrift. History teaches that the people of Fal Narn were given the gift to manipulate memory, to aid the Gods in teaching the other peoples the knowledge they would need to carry out the sacred work. They were the ones that were chosen to safeguard the secrets of the Gods.

So when they were suddenly abandoned, this secret knowledge became something of incredible value. Little by little, those that carried the gift of memory sorcery started hoarding the knowledge - not by writing and copying but by stealing the memories from others. This soon escalated into a veritable war, where sorcerors stole, forged, hid and manipulated the secret knowledge until it was impossible to tell what the real truth was anymore, and what had been forgotten. That’s when the blood started flowing.

Exactly what happened in those chaotic years after the Gods left is lost to history. But when the dust settled, only a few memory sorcerors remained, and the people were turning against them. To this day, sorcery is detested in Fal Narn, to the point where the Rakkhari use special Fal Narni soldiers for hunting down sorcerors for the crusade.

The War of Memories had such an impact on the structure of Fal Narni society that it now shifted to a more feudal system, where powerful families banded together to create order again in society.