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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
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Tags: Rak al Hina

Daring travelers, mindful diplomats and keen merchants. The Hineans are in many ways a stabilising force to those around them. As a part of the Rakkhari Commonwealth they have proven themselves time and time again to be a moral backbone and a sobering voice in trying times. More then any other culture, they value the virtues of honesty and dignity. No success is worth achieving trough dishonest means, be it through lying, cheating or deceiving. Nor is any goal worth robbing others or yourself of dignity. Beyond these personal virtues, family is everything. For good and for bad. You and your deeds are a reflection upon your family, and vice versa. And no deed ruins that reflection as bad as dishonesty. Together you grow strong and prosperous, but a family divided sows only discontent and misery in society.

The Hineans are also among the most well-traveled people in the Commonwealth. After all, if you don't venture forth into new places, how do you find new opportunities? Little by little, this attitude has built a far-reaching trade infrastructure which is spreading ever further.

Rak al Hina, the province they inhabit, is a warm, sunny flatland. Wide, open flats give way to plateus and canyons cut by rivers. Though a lot of the province is rather dry, lakes and rivers provide lush and fertile spots. Especially the great river Zinova, which cuts all the way through the province, providing both passage and and water for a great length of cities and towns along its reach.