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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Rakkhari

Of all the sorceries in the world, of all the tactics in the Rakkhari arsenal, none was as formidable and detestable as plague sorcery.

This terrible power was gifted to the Rakkhari generations ago - a tool to be used in their crusade against the very Gods. This ability to wield a terrible disease was vital in subjugating Gabbardan and Fal Narn in the early years of the Rakkhari crusade. Without it, the Ulavi and the Hineans may not have joined the Commonwealth under more peaceful terms. And it very nearly was the deciding factor in the war against the Lenorians. To say that the history of the Rakkhari Commonwealth is partially a history of the plague is no understatement.

Those chosen to serve as plague sorcerors kept these skulls as tools to wield their abilities. They contained power bestowed by that wretched creature who created them and gave the Rakkhari an immunity to the plague. With these, the plague sorcerors could infect people, cleanse them, mutate the disease and perform all manner of unholy deeds.

But even though it was a tool that gave the Rakkhari a formidable power, it would be a lie to say that plague sorcery was seen favourably by the people. Even among the military, it was seen as dishonourable, if not even monstrous. It may have saved many soldiers’ lives, and even averted wars - but the havoc it wreaked left a moral stain that would never be washed away.

It was only due to the acting Commander of the crusade, Warmaster Targo of the Stormcliffs, that the plague wasn’t released earlier during the Lenorian-Rakkhari war. Despite the Arch Commander’s insistence, the Warmaster refused to use the plague sorcerors - partially because he detested their power, and partially because he saw what a futile and unnecessary war they were descending into. Once he was forced to put them to use, the effects were devastating, and there could never be any victory but a phyrric one.

But due to Javenian intervention, there would be no victory at all. And with the death of the Arch Commander, Warmaster Targo became the de facto leader of the Rakkhari Crusade. As soon as peace was settled between north and south, he banned plague sorcery outright, in an attempt to soothe his own conscience. All plague sorcerors were to be captured and sentenced, but only a handful ever were. Where the rest disappeared to is anyone’s guess…