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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
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Tags: Javenna

Of the different peoples that have joined the Javenians the Selamandeshi are the most recent one to pledge their loyalty. A little under 200 years ago, a great calamity befell their nation, forcing them to wander the northern ices in search for a new home. And a new home they found - though it wasn't without relactance that the joined the great sorceror nation Javenna.

They are the ones who most stubbornly try to keep their old traditions alive in whatever way they can. But every generation that passes erodes their heritage a bit more. One by one, their secrets regarding enchantments and craftsmanship have been appropriated by the state and turned into trivialities. Of all the insults, the greatest one was the appropriation of holy glass - a material that only a few Selamandeshi artisans could create and something that would only be used for the most sacred objects. In Javenian hands, however, it was used for everything from common glassware to weapons.

Those that count themselves among the more traditional Selamandeshi are invariably more conservative and modest than most Javenians. Not just in regards to clothing, but in their entire expression. It is hardly surprising then, that they are ridiculed somewhat in exuberant, skin-loving Javenna.