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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Akropa

Forty suns had passed since they had set out on their patrol, and now they were deep beyond all explored lands. Only six of them remained: two sisters had already died, two more were wounded and a dire journey awaited them before they could reach safe lands again. But with them they carried a thing that could not be lost: a Hollow relic, a piece of the unholy heart of the Wildlands.

Before a raging campfire stood their Wildelder, the leader of their band of sisters. Her eyes shone cold as ice as she spoke to her sisters. "Words are useless now, you know what is at stake. Even if we must all die for the sake of returning this horrid thing, we will not fail. Draw your blades and honor Marzcasca."

Each of them pulled out their knives, put it to their abdomen and whispered the sacred oath. "Our blood for our Goddess, our lives for our duty" Knives cut into flesh, each sacrificing a small part of themselves to the True Goddess. Flesh changed hands and flesh was eaten, shared like all their sufferings and sacrifices. The Wildelder breathed deep, and let our a thundering roar that sent beasts and creatures running for cover. One by one, the sisters joined in.

And the world trembled as their screams echoed through the night.