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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 16.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Lenorian

A Lenorian sorcerer in traditional garb.

Sorcery didn't always use to exist among the Lenorians - in fact it was only when they revolted against Norni rule that these gifts arose, given to them by the Divines that aided them. At least, that's how the stories go.

Only a few types of sorceries arise in Lenorian sorcerors however - life sorcery, emotion sorcery, sense sorcery and very rarely, enchantment sorcery. Out of these three, the life sorcerors are the most valued, as can be expected. Before the war with the Rakkhari, the sorcerors had quite a solid standing in Lenorian society - though a bit of an outsider one. Though they are far less disciplined than sorcerors from Serdanos and less potent than those from Javenna, they nonetheless can develop quite potent abilities.

The war saw a lot of sorcerors disappear - partly due to Fal narni sorceror hunters utilized by the Rakkhari, but also because many of them disappeared into the Sorceror's forest, where they remained sealed in even to this day.

After the war, sorcerors have gained a more respected position in Lenori - life sorcerors especially. With all the refugees and other people suffering from the effects of war, there's more than enough work going around, and the less scrupulous can make quite a lot of money off those in need.