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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
Menidiath date: -
Tags: Javenna

Hedonists, fanatics and true-blood sorcerors. The Javenians are both a dream and a nightmare. They, like their fantastic cities, seem dazzling and vibrant, shining with the light of sorcery. But under that surface lurks a dark and twisted reality. What on the surface is a paradise of abundance and pleasures is actually a strict theocracy where bizarre gods are worshipped with fanatical fervor. The faith is never questioned, never challenged.

All javenians are born with sorcery and their society is completely based upon it as a result. Though you have a set place in society which you are required to fulfill, you will never lack anything in your life. Food, drink, music, intoxicants and all other pleasures exist in abundance. Every night can be a theatre of indulgence, a dream where you can live as if it was your last night. And since Javenian lives burn out quickly due to their powerful sorcery, one can understand why.

But due to this sorcery, everything comes easy. They will never know hardship. They will never be challenged, never truly tested. Instead they remain childlike in a garden of pleasure, wielding a power they can never truly respect.

Beyond their grand cities lies only wastelands. Glass deserts, thundras, and plains, one more hostile than the other. Much of this is of the Javenians' own making, having ruined the land in their fight to either bring new people into their fold or eradicate them. Only the most extreme fanatics venture out there, searching for hidden relics among the ruins.