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Creator: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 14.08.21
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Tags: People of the plains

Worshippers of earth and flame, rugged nomads and eternal seekers. The people of the plains walk a path of their own, a path of eternal searching. They honor beings they refer to only as Brother Earth and Sister Flame. Though an outsider might assume that they mean this metaphorically, the people of the plains are quite assuring that no, these are quite real beings with which they commune. These beings do, however, correspond to the body and the essence, the two halves that make a whole. Life is everything that exists between the two, and throughout life they explore this balance, trying to understand what it means to be a being from two worlds.

They also adhere to a cyclical existence, where every year is a new beginning where one must shed what one used to be. The cycle repeats eternal, but the being is constantly changing.

To outsiders, they may come off as very perplexing and cryptic. But they are more than happy to invite outsiders to share warmth and food, without lecturing or preaching. That's not to say that they are total pacifists or pushovers however. Should they ever be threatened, they do not hesitate to take up arms. Though they have sometimes assisted the Rakkhari Commonwealth from time to time, it has never been in aggression.

The northern and eastern plains are vast stretches of open sky, only occasionally broken by rivers and small groves. Great altars to Brother Earth and Sister Flame are raised, where monoliths stand surrounded by sacred fires. Few venture out to find the nomads of these plains, but those that do seldom return unaffected.